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Beth Israsel Deaconess Hospital - Plymouth


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For Patients

If you are a new or existing patient of the practice or have been referred for a diagnostic or screening colonoscopy or upper endoscopy and would like to schedule an appointment to see one of our specialists, please call the office at 508-210-5806. Our scheduling department is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-4:00 pm.

You may also need to contact your Primary Care Physician’s office if your insurance requires a referral or authorization for the procedure.

If you are scheduled for a colonoscopy, please review our patient letter and colonoscopy preparation instructions to follow the appropriate preparation advised by your provider prior to your scheduled procedure. If you are scheduled for an upper endoscopy, please review our patient letter and upper endoscopy preparation instructions prior to your scheduled procedure.

7 Days Before Procedure

3 Days Before Procedure

1 Day Before Procedure

Day of Procedure

Possible adjustments in your medications

See Patient Letter


Follow a low-residue diet and obtain recommended prep by your provider

See “Low- Residue Diet” and “Preparation Instructions”

Stop solid foods, begin clear liquids, and follow instructions of prep recommended by provider

See “Preparation Instructions”

Continue to follow instructions of specific prep recommended by provider

See “Preparation Instructions”


Low-Residue/Fiber Diet for Colonoscopy Prep

Food Group

Foods Allowed…

Foods to Avoid…

Milk and Dairy

·       Cow’s milk

·       Ice cream

·       Yogurt

·       Cheese

·       Cream


·       Water

·       Coffee and tea

·       Carbonated beverages

·       Strained juice (juice without pulp)

·       Kool-Aid or Hi-C (without red dye)

·       Nutritional supplements without added fiber, such as Boost or Ensure

·       Any beverage containing pulp or seeds, such as orange or grapefruit juice

·       Prune juice

·       Nutritional supplements with fiber

Breads, cereals, and starches

·       Refined breads, bagels, English muffins, pita bread, crackers, pancakes, or pastry

·       Refined cooked and cold cereals such as, Cheerios, Corn/Rice Chex, Cornflakes, Special K

·       Potatoes (without skin)

·       White rice

·       White pasta

·       Whole grain/wheat breads, cereals and pasta

·       Steel Cut/ Multi-Grain Oatmeal

·       Granola

·       Any grains containing nuts, seeds or fruit, (such as bagels with seeds)

·       Brown rice

·       Wheat germ

·       Bran


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